Anything Good on Television?

Broadcast TV is a Major Player in Your Campaign – Did you know?  The first ad was broadcast on NBC for Bulova Watch Company before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies.  Since then, memorable advertising has been tugging at our emotions, making a statement or making history.

Why Must See TV is a Must for Your Campaign

  • Compelling video and audio makes an impression on viewers
  • National audience reach like no other media
  • The benefit of a large local audience reach
  • Your creative will be shown alone and stand out
  • Your demo can be chosen through channel & interest placement
  • Most popular source of immediate news
  • TV is extremely impactful through audio and video
  • Color, sound, digital can all be top quality

Why You Might Turn the Channel

  • Your creative could have a short shelf life
  • TV can deliver a long lead time
  • Details of your message can be lost or not clear
  • The cost for quality TV advertising can be large
  • 4 words – The invention of the DVR

Listening to the Radio

Why You Should Turn up the Volume on Broadcast Radio – Did you know?  Radio advertising started in 1922 in NY City.  By 1930, 90% of all radio stations were advertising and fully supporting themselves.

Cost Effective CPM

  • Radio partners well with other Mediums
  • You can target your demo extremely well
  • Radio is flexible and can change often
  • Radio allows you to cover the entire DMA
  • There is a very short lead time to start
  • Production costs can be very low or sometimes included
  • Radio targets the listener inside and outside the home
  • Listeners are very loyal to their station & DJ
  • Radio reaches mobile listeners in their car when decisions are made
  • Your radio message can be tailored & personal
  • Your message can stand out
  • Radio is a prime source of local news & happenings

How Radio Could Cause Static in Your Campaign

  • Radio has a very short retention rate
  • No graphics or video can confuse your message
  • The creative cannot be detailed