The Internet is a Wide Open Interactive Playground

Using the Internet to Add Super Speed to Your Campaign – Did you know?  The first known webcam was set up at Cambridge University.  They used it to monitor the coffee pot so they would know when it was empty.

Sponsored Search & Content Listings (Pay-Per-Click)

  • PPC has become the common practice of buying visits to your online site instead of gaining them organically or building a following.
  • PPC can be cost effective as you only pay when someone is interested enough to “click”. All of the large brands are buying in and according to the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau), 9.1 Billion was spent on PPC in the first half alone of 2014.
  • While PPC may be popular, there are still reasons to pass. It can be extremely difficult to navigate and plan your campaign.  Also, audiences are growing tired of online advertising and the multiple pop up’s and banners they receive today.

Banner Ads

  • Banner Ads are everywhere. And we mean everywhere! Even if you didn’t know what a Banner Ad is, you have seen them.  They are the advertising on the top, side or bottom of a webpage.  They have active links that of clicked, will take you directly to the advertising site.
  • Banner Ads can be a great compliment to your online campaign. According to Google Marketing, they found an 82% lift in their brand when they used banner ads.  However, they need to be clear, concise and simple to attract the desired “click”.
  • Banner Ads are starting to get a bad rep. People have increasingly grown tired of having to navigate the crowded world of display advertising.  Ad Blocking has grown 41% in the last 12 months.  Also, up to 50% of ad clicks can be accidental and closed in less than 1 second.