Did you know?  Direct mail can be traced back to 1000 B.C.  Egyptians wrote on papyrus leaves and circulated them.

Why Direct Mail is Still Delivering These Days


  • You can target your audience with direct mail
  • Direct mail has a very high reach
  • You can target geographically with direct mail
  • Direct mail offers huge creative freedom
  • You can control quality and creative with direct mail
  • Direct mail does not compete with other ads or distractions
  • Direct mail has an excellent response rate
  • The audience can respond or act immediately
  • Direct mail is excellent for providing details and small print or legal type

Why You Might Want to Put A Stop on Your Direct Mail 

  • Direct mail can be costly with a high CPM
  • Direct mail is not environmentally friendly
  • There is a low end feel to direct mail and many tend to throw away “Junk Mail”
  • Direct mail can have a very short shelf life
  • As with any mail, direct mail can be delayed even if it is time sensitive