To Send an Email Blast or Not, that is the Question…

Email Can Add That Needed POP to Your Campaign – Did you know?  75% of all internet traffic is emails going back and forth.  Over 600 million people use email Internationally.

Why You Would Hit the Send Button on Email Marketing

  • Email is extremely targeted to your direct client
  • Email is cost effective and relatively cheap to use
  • Your audience will be more receptive to editorial materials
  • Your Message can be extremely complex, including details & offers
  • The Forward and Send buttons are your friends
  • Emails can be saved, reread and used as reference

The Delete Button May Be Best for You

  • Emails are easy to delete, especially without even being opened
  • The credibility of your campaign may be effected by emails abuse, over use and Spam reputation
  • It’s hard if not impossible to geographically target using email