Love to Read the Daily Newspaper
Did you know? Newspapers first published in Boston in 1690. Often through the years considered the most popular and reliable media. Now days, you hear newspapers are done. Print is dead. Although the daily paper is decreasing, they are also evolving. Daily and weekly newspapers give an array of options in pricing, demographic and location.
• It brings a daily presence and familiar frequency
• Targets right into the local neighborhoods
• Brings people with the same interests
• Local coverage to zero in on the market
• Reaches an educated audience
• Newspaper still speaks to the masses
• Offers a range of advertising options and pricing
• Messaging can be more intense as space allows
• Hitting the reader when they are available to react
• Newspapers still rate a high level of trust and reliability
• Readers can read their paper on the go & it travels easily
• Clippings, coupons and takeaways are common for avid readers

Why Newspaper Will Limit Your Campaign
• Shelf life of a newspaper is extremely short
• Color, print and type can be low quality at times
• A wide open demographic can muddle the message
• A static message can get lost in today’s digital world
• Newspapers can stack ads making for a low impact, lost message

Magazines Are Glossy, Fun and Flirty 
Did you know? The first American magazine was published in 1741 by Andrew Bradford. He barely beat another publisher by the name of Benjamin Franklin. Early magazines were news sources or periodicals. Time has evolved them into colorful, trendy resources on specific topics such as travel, fashion or food. 600 years later, Magazines inspire, inform, educate and entertain all over the world.

Magazines Can Add Fun to Your Message
• Magazines cater to interests and will speak directly to your audience
• Readers save, collect and refer back to magazines as resources
• Readers trust their selected magazine as a source of expertise
• Creative quality and color is top notch
• Many readers donate or pass along & recycle their favorite magazines
• As with any print, the message can be passed along effectively
• Magazines attract the affluent reader and shopper looking for the latest trends
• Most readers read magazines while traveling, making them effectively portable
• Magazines provide takeaways & saves for the reader
• Magazines and trendy, fun and cutting edge

Magazines Can Restrict Your Message
• Magazines are not quick messages
• The color and quality does not match live action or sound
• The message can be seen as low frequency
• Magazines will overwhelm the reader with color, graphics and headlines
• Slick, colorful and glossy will cost more money