Gotta Love the Big and Bold Outdoor Advertising

Why Billboards Should be a BIG Part of Your Campaign

Did you know?  The first scented billboard was erected in Charlotte, NC by the Bloom grocery chain. The sign showed giant cube of beef on a large fork that extended to the ground. The smells were pepper and charcoal.  Adams Outdoor was a part of this historic campaign.

  • There is no better way to reach to mass audience than billboards
  • Billboards offer a very high frequency
  • You are able to geographically target your audience
  • Billboards are big & bold
  • The creative on billboards is high quality
  • Billboards are a great compliment to other mediums
  • Billboards are very good at telling a story
  • Budget friendly CPM
  • Your creative can have a long, lasting life
  • Billboards are unavoidable 24 hours per day
  • Billboards are eligible for Co-Op funds

Why Billboards May Stop Your Traffic Flow

  • Billboards can be limited by creative
  • Your impact must be immediate or the audience is lost
  • Creative production costs can be high
  • Billboards are perceived as “low end” advertising
  • Billboards do not offer any editorial opportunities
  • Billboards are not environmentally friendly
  • Weather can restrict your message
  • Billboards are static, no picture or sound
  • The message could be lost without detail

Riding the Bus With Transit Advertising

  • Why Should You Get on the Bus with Transit
  • The exposure with transit is very high
  • You are able to target geographically
  • Transit does offer multiple or changeable messages
  • Transit offers Urban and Suburban opportunities
  • Budget Friendly CPM
  • Transit has upped its game with creative & quality
  • Why You May Want to Get Off at the Next Stop

Transit lacks target selectivity

  • Transit is seen as “cheap” or “low end”
  • Transit can be cluttered in a loud, noisy environment
  • Weather may prohibit your message
  • Transit is static and will limit your message with no sound or movement

Other Forms of Exciting OOH Available!  Check these out…

  • Airport Advertising
  • Arena & Stadium
  • Bus Shelter & Benches
  • Cinema & Theater
  • Gas Station Advertising
  • Kiosk
  • InStore Advertising
  • InFlight Advertising